The Top Gaming Consoles

What’s your favorite gaming console? If you started playing games on a Xbox, that is probably your favorite gaming console, if you started on a Wii then that is probably your favorite. When talking to game console owners, they all seem to have a favorite console and they defend their selection with passion. Even if you are a strong Wii supporter, or a Xbox supporter, or a PlayStation supporter, you owe it to yourself to try the other systems.

When I say “try”, I mean using it for a reasonable length of time to become familiar with it and having enough time to properly formulate an educated opinion of that system, as compared to the others. They each have their strong points and their weak points, none of them are “perfect”. You may be surprised at what the other console gaming systems have to offer. I know a lot depends on how well the game has been created for use on the relative gaming system. Some games are absolutely fantastic, others are far less than perfect. Gaming programmers have a very challenging profession and it must be hard to come up with original ideas that no one else has and then be able to program that game in a way that makes it truly awesome to play. My “hat is off” to all those talented programmers that use their creativity abilities to create the truly awesome games available for all of us to play!

What’s your favorite gaming console system? What’s your favorite game? Give the other systems a try, and see if you are missing out on something good or maybe even better than what you have…